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March 23, 2012
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Fluffy diva loses weight - No gym, hectic workload - Miss Kitty claims
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Although she obviously has lost some weight, radio personality Miss Kitty says she is happy with herself and still 'fluffy'.

In recent times, several persons have been commenting that Miss Kitty has lost weight. Pictures from her birthday party and her appearance as a judge on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall also point to a reduction in body size. However, she says she has not been making an effort to lose weight.

"It's just a redistribution of fluff. If I used to wear size 18 and now I wear 16, I am still fluffy. I am happy with who I am and I represent for the fluffy girls straight," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Miss Kitty says that 2011 was a very hectic year for her. She said she has been hosting events locally and abroad, doing her radio show, writing her book and voicing commercials. Being as busy as she is, the radio personality says there are days when she does not get the opportunity to eat a full meal or on time.

In addition, she says she has also had to deal with the death of her grandmother and a close family friend, as well as her father meeting in an accident.

"People don't need to get worried. A size 16 mi wear and 18 too. So, no gym, no nothing. If mi drop two dress sizes, mi nuh see that as nothing dramatic," she said.

However, when quizzed about her actual weight and how much she might have lost, Miss Kitty said she was unsure.

"Mi nuh weigh so mi nuh know. All now I don't go on a scale. I am a workaholic and that will cause you to shed. Fluffy come inna all sizes. A me seh fluffy to the world. If mi a consciously do dat (lose weight), I will say that clearly. I am fine with who I am. Some people like it, some people don't," she said.

However Miss Kitty said her popularity is not based solely on her being 'fluffy'.

"It's not just about my weight. My brand surpasses weight. Different people love me for different things. I don't think it's an image problem. In entertainment, you have to reinvent yourself. A metamorphosis is nothing strange...," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Meanwhile, Miss Kitty says she is happy with the recent staging of her birthday party, White Glamour.

"My party just gone and that was amazing. It was a success and the people came out early. By all accounts, everybody had their fun," she said.

"Many thanks to the family, friends and the fans who came out. The party was the bomb and they can look out for it next year," she said.

See coverage pictures from the party in tomorrow's STAR.

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