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April 5, 2012
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Ninja says ... 'Don Gorgon Is Back' - Records new song with KipRich
Davina Henry, Star Writer

Ninja Man

The Don Gorgon is back. That is the name of the new single that will be released on the weekend by Ninja Man and artiste KipRich.

In an interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, KipRich said that he was compelled to do a song with the self proclaimed 'Don Gorgon' because he knew it would be a hit.

"I wrote the song and called his team and mi a say him need a comeback song fi di airwaves so mi decide say mi a go collab wid him. Mi tell him the idea, pen out the song, link him and make him get the demo. Him say him love it and we just work wid it," he said.

Ninja Man, born Desmond Ballentine, pointed out that the song with KipRich chronicled the trials and tribulations that he endured while he was in jail. "The Don Gorgon is indeed back," he said. Ninja Man also stressed that he was grateful to KipRich and the rest of the artistes that are helping him: "It's all about KipRich and the artistes that missed me while I was gone, and have prepared for me now that I am back."

Ninja Man also said that he was putting things together so that his fans could have a myriad of songs from him. "Mi just a put things together so that the people can have one song every day, a di real Ninja Man ting, mi a take it serious. Make di fans know say the Gorgon is alive and kicking," he said.

getting mixed down

The song was done at the Big Yard studios and was also produced by KipRich: "Right now the song is in the process of getting mixed down. Suku from Ward 21 built the rhythm and we are hoping to release it by the weekend," KipRich said.

KipRich says he is also pleased with the work Ninja Man has done on the track. "Him a good deejay enuh. You have people wey feel because him deh behind bars and nah record him wudda lose him sound, but everything deh deh same way."

Meanwhile, Ninja Man says he is ready to once again take back his place in dancehall. "Some a dem say dem a king, some say dem a queen, some say dem a prince, but mi a di emperor of the dancehall, mi a di grandfather of the dancehall, mi higher than everything," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

KipRich, on the other hand, is gearing up to launch his new record label - Nuh Behavia. According to KipRich, it's still in the early stages and "we have plans to sign people, but that's for in the future."

Ninja Man was recently released on bail from the Horizon Remand Centre after being in custody for three years. He and his son Janiel are charged with the murder of Richard Johnson who was fatally shot in his yard on March 16, 2009. A trial date has been set for July 16 in the Home Circuit Court.

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