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April 20, 2012
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SNIP SNIP: Woman slices man's testicles - Victim claims he fell on scissors

Crystal Harrison, Star Writer

A man believed to be in his 40s is lucky to still have the services of his two testicles after a scissors sliced open the sack and one of them fell out of it.

The incident reportedly occurred in a district in North East, St Elizabeth, the WEEKEND STAR understands.

While residents and the police say they have heard that the man was involved in a dispute with his common-law wife when the incident occurred, he has instead claimed that he fell on the scissors and cut himself. The man does not want to press charges against the woman.

It is reported that he was admitted to the Mandeville Regional Hospital and was discharged on Wednesday.

A resident from the community and a family member have confirmed the incident. It is reported that sometime after 2 a.m on Monday, residents were alerted to the couple's residence after several cries for help were heard coming from the house.

private area

Further reports are that the residents quickly learned that the man was attacked in his sleep and his testicles cut. It is reported that due to the severity of the cut the man's private area quickly started to swell.

"They are always having problems and people used to hear them arguing all the time. That same woman stab him already, cut him already, burn him already, even his foot she bruk already. The thing is that he is protecting the woman and so from the incident he has been giving contradicting stories to his family and other persons in the community," a source told THE WEEKEND STAR. "He is pretending that him cut himself but that is not making any sense. The last time that woman stab him inna him chest, he told the police that he loves her and nothing came of that case. He is even telling some people that is not cut the woman cut him with the scissors but is squeeze she squeeze his seed bag and one of them fell out."

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that it was the woman who took the man to the hospital after the incident.

Meanwhile, another source who is close to the incident said yesterday that the man seems to be recuperating. "I saw him when he was leaving the hospital yesterday (Wednesday), and him a tell me dat what happen is not so it go without me saying anything to him. He said dat me and him will talk. A regular fi him and his woman fuss fuss but some of his family nuh really deal wid him," the source said.

Officers at the police station in charge of the community, said they are aware of the incident.

According to the police, after the man was interviewed, he said that he fell on the scissors and it was an accident. "The police have to work with what the man said because he is the complainant and the one who would have to give the statement," the police said.

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