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May 2, 2012
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Child causes dispute after abortion fails

Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

Man on a mission is how one could characterise 34-year-old Shane Meeks* who wants closure on whether or not he is the father of his former girlfriend Dahlia Sinclair's* baby.

At first, his mission seemed impossible because of financial woes until he learnt of THE STAR paternity feature and decided to put his story to the test.

Sinclair, who is also 34 years old, is as cool as a cucumber in her approach to the ordeal and she boasts that she is 110 per cent sure that Meeks is the father of her four-month-old son.

She anticipates that the result would substantiate her claim that Meeks is the daddy.

They had met in 2010 via telephone and had an ok relationship until she became pregnant. Then things changed and Shane began claiming that he was not the child's dad.

She said: Mi just want him to get his satisfaction. Is a case where I know he is but as him say him a take hearsay news and people tell him things.

He said: I just want it to be whatever it is. I can't say yes or no. I just want to be certain. As I said, I know two people from her community that don't even know dem one another, she don't know that I know dem. They tell mi everything wah gwaan when I leave her house and my back turn.

She said: He even told me to do an abortion so I went and check it out. The doctor gave us a price that we could not afford. I turned to 'herbal' remedy after being told that could help to flush out the baby when it was in a very young stage. That didn't work so I went on my knees and beg God to deliver a healthy baby.

He said: I wasn't sure if it was mine and we never had a real relationship in the beginning, so I wanted the abortion at first.

She said: Not even my family dem know about this. An aunt told me to make him gwaan cause di baby must survive but to me I need my son to know his dad.

He said: Well man a man and from we nuh certain we nah mek people laugh after we and style mi when dem see mi.

She said: The baby all resemble him. They both have straight face.

He said: My philosophy is that he just has 'his' baby look right now. Suppose the contractor bwoy have straight face to?

She said: Which contractor (while laughing)? Right now I just need peace of mind.

He said: You know what hurt me more while, every minute she a call and say him have your head ... him have your toe, almost as if she a try convince me say is my youth.

She said: The amount of stress him put me through. Him all tell mi say him can't breed nobody and him have kids before. I was going through a lot of complications, I had the baby premature (seven months).

He said: A nuh me stress her, is her next babyfather stress her. He is at her house every day, all him mi suspect could be the father to. Anytime he is there she want me to walk through the back door. A style ting that.

She said: I had to do the pregnancy test in front of him to enuh. I did one before and told him I was pregnant him say do it over cause somebody at my house was also pregnant and he thought that person had done the test for me.

He said: I was just saying we weren't together for any long time so how she get pregnant so fast.

She said: I can't wait for the result, so I could just give his child to him. Right now the child registered in his name. I am that certain this child is his, I don't know what else to tell him.

He said: If the child is mine that's the least, I will take care of my responsibility. If a no my child a jus so it go.

She said: I want the result to show him so that I can move on from this stage cause I want a family for my son.

He said: We'll see about that.

Names Changed

'I turned to 'herbal'

remedy after being told

that could help to flush

out the baby when it was in a very young stage.'

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