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May 2, 2012
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Chaplain's son gets prison sentence

Nothwithstanding testimony given by a cop who vouched for the defendant's integrity, the son of a police station's chaplain was sentenced to prison time in court on Monday.

Adrian Beckford was convicted on ganja-related charges and fined $10,400 or six months for possession and $20,800 or six months for dealing in ganja.

Additionally, he was fined $52,000 or six months plus nine months for taking steps to export ganja and six months for conspiracy.

Not even the tears of a crying sister and mother were any safeguard to prevent Beckford from receiving the custodial sentence.

Beckford's brother was also in attendance as he watched his brother sit silently in the dock while his attorney presented arguments in an attempt to garner leniency from the court.

Among other things, Beckford's attorney argued that her client had a three-month-old daughter, whom he is yet to meet and also maintained that her client was led astray.

The Crown contended that on the day of the incident, the accused arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport and attempted to board a flight with ganja weighing 1.6 pounds and four ounces. Security checks carried out by police personnel disclosed the contraband.

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