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September 24, 2012
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White and black women comparison

A Jamaican friend a mine who live a farin an me a hold a man an woman reasoning an him seh him prefer fi date white woman because dem more supportive, dem calmer, dem talk inna calmer tone, dem more loving, dem more understanding and dem show dem affectionate side more than black woman.

Him go on fi seh dem more forgiving an no hold a mistake gainst dem man. By di time him done talk mi a feel like mi woulda want jump inna a tin a white paint because a so most black woman want we man fi tink bout we! Di whole time him a cheer fi dem he made it clear that him no have nutten against Jamaican women cause yuh have some nice one but based pon fi him experience white woman nicer. Mi naa lie at first mi feel a likkle way as a strong black woman but den mi start fi analyse it and seh to miself why? There may be some truth to my friend experience an mi cyaa kill him fi it , but white women and black women are socialised differently and operate inna different environment wid a different set a man.

Mi put it to him dat if some white woman did have some man fi deal wid all a di compliment dem gone through di door because a nuff woman start out nice and decent an when di man tun Judas and come out like a black widow spider sum haffi tun virago not because dem want to but fi survival.


Nuff man naa go like when me talk because the truth is an offence and nuff Jamaican man feel seh truth begin an end wid dem an wah dem seh. Dem yah man yah socialise different. Dem train fi lie, deceive, con, be conniving and do wah dem waa do without being held accountable for anything. Right inna dah country yah the way we socialise our boys is a major problem an a problem wah cause by nuff a dem mumma! From dem son a bwoy dem a beat it inna dem head ... No mek no gal dis, an no mek no gal dat ...Try nobodda have one girl cause mi want nuff gran ... Try find a gal who can cook, wash an clean an love stay home.

By the time dem done train dem an dem tun man they are so insensitive and callous and operate like dem entitled to. Most a dem who grow wid dem modda alone either see her get abused in one way or another an fi dat inna dem mind woman a weakling an must be seen an not heard. A nuff tings black woman haffi go through enuh a jus because dem train we fi no talk and stand up fi weself. We live inna society wah praise man who a gyalis an have nuff baby-modda, we no really cuss a man who no tek care a him family yet spend him money a dance an pon odda woman and our culture jus seh woman fi jus accept di fact seh dem a go get bun. It so ingrained inna dem kin dat di man dem don't see a ting wrong if dem have two an three woman cause a jus so di ting set. Anyhow, a white woman did have some a dem obstacles yah fi deal wid mi know she woulda jump outta her white skin an put on her full black!

Mi neva deh wid a white man yet but mi know people go dah road deh, mi read an mi watch TV! Not to say all a dem are perfect cause some a dem will mek yuh set good like di ice inna freeza if dem mad head tek dem. Mi fren seh her white man a di best! She seh even though she did rough, fi him soft an gentle loving way calm her right down. Him no have a problem fi seh him sorry if a him wrong, him no have a problem fi show love, him supportive and gentle. Of course, dis nuh represent all white man but dis a weh she a seh.

My ting is, black woman get a warm time bout we attitude and how we stay and many are tough and rough as a means of survival. If yuh no stan up strong as a woman man mow yuh ova an laugh afta yuh. Black man waa wrong an strong, him naa tek no chat from him woman, him no feel di need fi report to nobody (a di woman him call so), him nyam bible leaf an tek God offa di cross all when him know him guilty and most have a hard time to say these words ... "I was wrong ... I'm sorry". When a woman have black man who readily say so from him heart ... yuh betta go buy cash pot! So when a man ago black woman dis an white woman dat we haffi operate in the environment which we are and what we are faced with. If a black man get busted him tek di defensive an start shout fi intimidate, chances are when a white man get busted him a try apologise and fix the problem. So of course both women are gonna respond in a different way an tone. Some man love talk bout dem woman tone and naa look into dem action wah cause it in di first place.

There is no one remedy fi mek a relationship work but it must have trust, understanding and respect all of which should be reciprocal. If a man want di best from him woman him haffi willing fi gi fi him best. If him waa get treated like a black king him haffi treat her like a black queen cause a jus so di ting fi set!

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