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November 7, 2012
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Lady Saw to get baptised?

Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

It is serious and this is no joke says the leading female dancehall artiste Lady Saw, who confirmed with THE STAR yesterday that she is going through a spiritual process and contemplating baptism.

On Monday, Saw, who has also been dubbed the Queen of the dancehall, tweeted, "been thinking of getting baptise from about six months now but then some people draw me out and I end up cussing them out, well not anymore."

She also said her track Heels On, the raw version, will be her last song in the dancehall as she will be doing gospel.

Saw, who did not speak in detail about her seemingly next big move, said that there is a reason why she has not been doing any dancehall tracks since February, despite the appeals from several producers.

"To all record producers, the reason why I didn't record your songs from nine months ago until now is cuz of what I've been experiencing, u get it," Saw also tweeted.

Saw said that her haters will be tempted to believe that she is turning to gospel because she is broke and is going through some personal problems, however, she said that view is far from the truth.

Recently, Saw took to social media to vent her frustrations about reports of infidelity in her 17-year-old relationship.

"God is preparing me and showing me some things and it's gonna be something big. I am not being pushed or I won't be pushed by anyone, but, I have been having some experiences from I was in Florida and twice since coming back to Jamaica, and I am just asking God to lead me," Saw said.

In one of her tweets, Saw also said that she still has some raunchy dancehall engagements, however, she said that she will be honouring those performances because of business.

"I have some shows to do that I already got paid for so after that am out. Sometimes I am talking to God and I just find myself humming and coming up with melodies, so I am struggling with both sides because nobody is perfect. I have been talking to a lot of Christians, and I have been contemplating baptism, but I did that when I was younger because of my father, so maybe since this time it will be a renewal baptism," Saw explained.

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