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November 8, 2012
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Woman's throat slashed in brutal attack

The Clarendon police are investigating a case of murder after a woman believed to be about 25 was found with her throat slashed in the parish yesterday.

Up to press time, the woman was still unidentified. She is believed to be about 25 years old and of a Portmore address. She was found dead with her throat slashed and multiple stab wounds all over her body, in the Bucks Haven area of May Pen, Clarendon, at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Police at the scene told THE STAR that from preliminary investigations, it is believed that the woman was killed at approximately 11:30 a.m. by person(s) known to her.

Multiple stab wounds

"Preliminary investigation is indicating that the young lady is known by her killer or killers. We found her with her throat slashed and multiple stab wounds all over her body," the police officer said.

According to residents, the woman who was wearing a white skirt and a multi-coloured blouse, had earlier passed through the lane with a male companion holding hands before she was found with her head almost severed from the rest of her body.

"Of course, we see her a go up the road with the man holding each other hands this morning. So me don't know why dem just kill har so. I don't know her, but she don't deserve to dead so," lamented one of the onlookers, who gathered to see the dead woman.

The unidentified woman is the second female to be brutally killed in Clarendon in just two weeks. In the first incident, 28-year-old Taneisha Hamilton from Blackwood, who was eight months pregnant, was killed recently. Hamilton, a mother of five children, aged two to 10 years, was killed last Monday, and her body dumped into a water tank in Thompson Town, Clarendon.

Hamilton's suspected killer was later set upon by a group of men who inflicted several chopped wounds on him before he was rescued by the Chapelton police. The police informed THE STAR that the suspect will be charged with murder during the course of this week.

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