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November 9, 2012
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Duppy photo taken on phone?

Mystery picture excites community

A mysterious photo captured by a woman using her brand new camera phone has become the talk of the town in a rural community while the woman strongly feels she captured a ghost in the image.

The woman, Claudine Thomas, ventured from Trinityville, St Thomas, to our newsroom in Kingston on Wednesday with evidence to her claim.

When THE WEEKEND STAR examined the photo it appeared to look normal but on closer observation there was a wig without a face attached which Thomas claims is her evidence.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR, "I just bought the phone last week Thursday and my brother wanted to see the picture quality so I took the picture outside. I looked at the pic and it was clear and the specs looked clean, so I put the phone away. When I went inside, I took out back the phone and started to look at the picture again and that's when I noticed the thing like a 'wig' to the right hand corner ... My first reaction was ... No, but that wasn't there!".

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that several persons examined the photo and were of the same view that Thomas had captured what appeared to be a 'duppy'.

Since words of the mysterious photo spread across the community, people have bestowed the names 'camera trick' and 'photographer' on her.

Thomas told our news team she was advised to take the phone back to where it was purchased to see if it was a case of issues with the device.

Another photo

She said, "When I took the phone back to the store, the owner looked at it and said yuh nuh see yuh catch a ghost ... You don't see that this is a duppy? ... Him all show some of the workers in the store and they were astonished."

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that out of curiosity, another photo was captured with the same cellphone at the the same location, however, this time around, the wig like image did not appear in that photo.

Our news team spoke with a member of the Trinityville community who agreed to speak with us on condition of anonymity, and we were told that there have been tales of duppy stories attached to the area.

The resident reasoned, "From time to time yuh hear people talk bout dem see duppy bout di place ... Dem all say a regular di duppy dem come up round a one part round deh so... Mi never encounter with any before still."

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