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November 10, 2012
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Female Student, Teacher in phone drama

A female student from a rural area high school was suspended last week after physically assaulting a female teacher at the institution, because she confiscated her phone, THE STAR understands.

The incident reportedly unfolded last Friday afternoon in full view of other students at a high school in eastern Jamaica.

Information reaching THE STAR is that a smartphone belonging to the student was confiscated by the teacher then an argument developed, following which the teacher was allegedly punched.

Our news team gathered that the teen was reportedly using her phone while classes were in progress.

A staff member who requested anonymity, told THE STAR how the incident unfolded.


While explaining that the teachers were not authorised to speak on the matter, she said; "The teacher took away the phone and the girl was arguing that she was not using her phone in class. The argument got heated, and because the girl wanted back the phone she allegedly grabbed at the phone and things got physical. The teacher's injuries weren't serious."

THE STAR was informed that the girl was suspended indefinitely, pending a final decision, which is to be reached by the school board at an upcoming meeting, however, that has not been confirmed.

When our news team spoke with a police in the area, THE STAR was told that the incident was a hugely popular topic in the town square but no formal report had been made.

The police officer said, "Something has to be done because these instances are becoming too frequent. Too often we are hearing about violence in the schools or being called to settle disturbance such as these, not only with this school but other neighbouring schools in the parish."

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