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November 12, 2012
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What a 'hairy' situation

It look like seh some people no have no mirror a dem yaad or dem no have no fren and family cause how dem lef dem yaad fi come a road sumting mus wrong!

Some tings people born wid and can't help an we cyaa discriminate against that because a so God mek dem. But some people must try and do better, especially the females them. Women should not be seen in public with hair inna dem chest, hair unda chin and no bodda mention the long straggly one dem under di arm weh can ketch and bubbles up!

Jah know! I see a woman a one bus stop weh day and to how her beard long she a gi Capleton a run fi him money! Di hair long and bundle up wicked and mi jus' feel like mi woulda run down pon her an cut it off!

It look like from she born she never shave yet! When mi see mi start ask roun wats the idea of having so much facial hair as a woman and some people a seh dem no shave it cause a dem strength!

Wah?! A wonda why any one woman woulda need so much strength ... anno like she walk and lift up house and car and all dese tings! No sah, I thought Samson from inna di Bible was the one who fah strength inna him hair! No sah, something need fi be done bout it.

young girl

It bad an no so bad when yuh see som old woman wid it cause inna fi dem time it was aesthetically ok fi have hairy chin, but some a dem young girl have up dis big bungle a hair inna dem stomach like is a prize dem have up!

And dem love wear low-cut top fi show it off to yuh see, like dem ago win a Grammy! Mi naa lie - fi yuh a play wid yuh man chest hair an him a play back wid yours is not a good look! Shave, shave, shave!!


Di hair under arm no pretty enuh, especially when dem rolly rolly and when di deodorant go unda deh an cake up! Wooooiiieee mi bady! Yuh eva inna one bus yet and all one a dem arm deh hang ova yuh face? A murdah! An some a di man dem bad pon it to enuh cause mi no think dem know seh fi dem hair can comb out to!

Funny enough mi meet man weh seh dem love woman who hairy an have dah amazon Xena look deh! One man seh when him a run him han through her hair it tickle him and charge him up! Ma!

But still di hair fi inna di right place. Face, chin an under arm naa really charge up nobody. Trim dem, shave, wax, tweeze or pluck dem or wear something that cover you up to weh dem no hang outta road!

If yuh have one a di likkle white birth paper dem yuh no have no excuse, so get wid the programme fast!!

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