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November 12, 2012
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After 9-month sentence ... Rasta calls for God's help

A Rastaman who was sentenced to nine-months' imprisonment in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court on Friday claims that he is going to ask God to help him deal with his jail time.

He is Lloyd Allison who appeared before the court charged with possession, dealing in and taking steps to export ganja and conspiracy.

Allison was fined $15,000 or three months' imprisonment for possession and nine months' imprisonment for taking steps to export ganja. If the fines are not paid, the sentences are to run concurrently, meaning he will only spend nine months behind bars.

No evidence was offered on the dealing charge that Allison was also facing and the conspiracy charge was dropped.

Allegations are that the accused was recently held at the Norman Manley International Airport with 32 pounds of ganja in his luggage.

It is reported that the accused, who was about to board a British flight, hid the weed in cocoa butter cream, cheese, biscuit and ackees.

Allison told the court that he didn't know that the cops would be able to locate the hidden ganja.

"Dem persecute Rasta from inna di 1970s so mi nuh understand how di Government still a put a way di youths dem a jail. Ganja a C-class drugs, it is not even a A-class drug like crack and cocaine. Mi have to go ask God to help mi deal with dis nine months judgement," the accused told Resident Magistrate Lorna Shelly-Williams who presided over the matter.

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