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November 13, 2012
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Taxi driva a luu

Bless up to mi Tambareen Fambily an mi Mix-Up massive. An big respek to all a mi Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners, including all a mi Jamaican Internet listeners. Bless up unu self indeed. Mix-up time now:

Taxi Driva a Luu

This taxi driva weh run in a St Elizabeth daily have wah likkle girl a drive up an dung wid inna him car. Raga, di likkle girl roun 12 years old. A not even fi him pickney, Raga. Caz di pickney red an him black. So mi always a wonda say how dat guh. A wah day mi inna wah taxi, an a hear say anuh fi him pickney. A him ex-pickney.

Mi hear say a jus di two a dem live inna wah shack (few pieces a zinc cover up di top, one bed an sumn sumn), a so mi hear inna di taxi. Raga, yu see wen a holiday, di likkle pickney up an dung inna di car. She inna every argument, big or small.

Missa taxi man, it nuh luk gud! Yu need fi give back di people dem pickney!, (but den again dem say har madda head nuh rite). Yu see as di likkle girl leave school a di car she gone inna till di man dun work. She all luk passenger fi di man. Him nuh wah leave har wid nobody caz him say wen dem get di money fi luk affa har dem use it pan dem self.

But it nuh luk gud caz him owna taxi man fren dem a condemn him! If a did fi him pickney it wouldnt luk so bad!

Wat a prekeh! Is really not a good ting fi a 12-year-old a drive roun inna taxi soh everyday. Di ting really nuh set right fi true.

But we still haffi careful before we staat judge an condemn di bredda. Because it might be a situation weh if him really nuh have nobady trustworthy fi lef wid di pickney. Nex ting, yuh know him goh lowe har up wid people an dem do all kinda crasses to har. Soh six a one an half dozen a di oda. Di situation sticky fi true. A hope him find a way fi best solve di problem, inna di best interest a di child.

Yow, one a unu taxi man or smaddy else weh a read dis, goh show di bredda dis inna di Star an see if unu can find a way fi help him.

All di bes.

Da Duppy ya Broite!!

Good mawning Raga, me believe inna duppy becuz wen me deh Jamaica an me, my babyfather, his families an frenz goin out one night, Raga, mi deh side her an feel a presence come up behind we. Wen me look behind me, is a duppy gal mi see ready fi lick her inna her head an mi lift up mi hand over her head an di duppy lick fi mi hand den mi scream! Wen mi babyfather look pon mi hand it black an blue an sprain, smh. So Raga, mi believe cuz mi can see duppy.

Kiss out mi korro korro!! Noooooooooooo sah!! If a laugh a buss a rib!!

Yuh neva really write a who exactly yuh rescue, but fram weh yuh write a coulda yuh baby or a nex female weh did deh mongst unu. But weh yuh really a say? Dat yuh use yuh yeye dem see di duppy a goh cause claat di person an yuh use yuh han an block di duppy bax? An yuh han end up black an blue fram yuh duppy counteraction?? Noooooo sah, yuh nuh east at all.

Big up yuh self my girl, cause a you say wen duppy get broite an waan come fling bax, a lone karate yuh a sen on pon dem!! Brap! Brap! Me nuh wrong yuh yaa gyal, if yuh have di powers fi true, den gwaan block di duppy blow dem an protect yuh gingeration. Big up yuh self, Ghost busters haffi hol dem cawna, cause a you a di real duppy conqueror roun ere!! Nuh dirt!!

But tel me supm, yuh tink you could be di one fi finally rid Jamaica of a duppy weh name L.A. .. ... yuh know wa .... mek a shut me mout. Mek a shut me mout!!

Mi a cut. See unu Thursday same place ya soh. Bless ...

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