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November 14, 2012
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POOL PARTY for Marco-Dean ... as D'Angel, Beenie celebrate his eighth birthday

Marco-Dean is surrounded by friends and family as he cuts his cake.

Moving away from the Pegasus Gardens, dancehall artistes D'Angel and Beenie Man decided to ring in their son, Marco-Dean's birthday this year with a pool party.

The excitement-filled event was held at D'Angel's St Andrew home where Marco-Dean and his friends basked in the attention being given to them.

Cameramen from various media houses swarmed the area to capture the birthday boy interacting with his friends, while host and MC for the evening, D'Angel, told the crowd that Marco-Dean's father, Beenie Man, was on his way from Miami to be with the birthday boy.

A popcorn machine, cotton candy and snowcone machine also provided treats for both children and adults alike.

Members of the entertainment industry, including Twin of Twins, Zum of Good Life Productions and Mixing Lab, were also on hand to ring in Marco-Dean's birthday.

Although she had initially planned on waiting for the arrival of Beenie Man, shortly after 6 p.m; D'Angel went ahead with the cake cutting to accommodate some of Marco-Dean's friends who had to leave.

The cake was made by Pat Lewinson and was in the shape of a hedgehog. D'Angel told THE STAR that the design was specifically requested by Marco-Dean.

"A Marco-Dean's birthday, you know we haffi do it different, so happy birthday and I wish you many more," Twin of Twins stated just before the cake was cut.

Minutes later, 'The Doctor' Beenie Man, arrived at the party. Beenie Man embraced D'Angel and Marco-Dean before apologising for being late. He told the crowd that he had missed his flight home from Canada.

"This morning me deh Montreal and mi leave the show from 4 a.m., fi get a flight fi come home. Mi miss mi flight go Miami and mi miss the flight from Miami fi come home. But I wouldn't miss this for the world. Unnu know mi love Marco-Dean. Mi know unnu cut the cake already, but we a go dweet again. A me say dweet again so right now we a go dweet again," Beenie Man.

Once again, those who had stayed behind gathered for the second cutting of the cake.

"The party was great, all Marco-Dean's friends came out. We celebrated as usual, and watching him grow is awesome. Thanks to everybody who came out and I know Marco-Dean really appreciated it," D'Angel told THE STAR.

Left: D'Angel poses with her son and birthday boy Marco-Dean. Right: Marco-Dean gets a hug from his dad Beenie Man.

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