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November 14, 2012
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GT Taylor eyes dancehall's giants for GT's Christmas Extravaganza - No Tommy Lee, says management

Tommy Lee Sparta

Media personality/events coordinator GT Taylor, says his annual event GT Taylor's Extravaganza will pay tribute to the stalwarts of the Jamaican music industry this year. The promoter was slammed by the management of dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta recently, after they refused to permit him to perform at another stage show before Sting.

Despite the challenges, GT Taylor said the show must go on, and boasted of a strong line-up of dancehall/reggae acts, which he calls "The Still Rules".

"This year we are going with the theme 'Still Rules', and it basically reflects artistes that are still doing well. No matter what, you can always count on them to deliver well," GT continued.

"We see where many of our entertainers have not been highlighted for their work, and this is not taking away from the younger ones. But if you put some of our Still Rules with many young artistes they will outperform them due to their experience. Adding to that, we are a Jamaica 50 event, so we are going for quality over quantity," GT Taylor said.

As it relates to the Tommy Lee Sparta saga, GT says Sting and GT Taylor Extravaganza are now symbiotically linked.

they refused

"Well Tommy Lee's managers are refusing to have him on my show before their show so that is their thing. I was looking forward to book him but they refused, but I don't even want to dwell on that. Extravaganza always endorses Sting and if we are successful, Sting will be successful because the artistes normally promote Sting through this show," he said.

While outlining that he has no grouse with Tommy Lee's manager Heavy D, also a promoter of Sting, GT expressed that his main motive is to ensure that the few live shows left in Jamaica are kept alive.

GT Taylor

"I have no grouse against them, me and dem good. I just want to ensure that these two shows are kept alive because the stage show culture is going rapidly. My only grouse is with corporate Jamaica, because they mostly select events within Kingston to give sponsorship. This show moves products and is internationally known, even people all over Europe have been calling me. Nevertheless, I am not depending on them to keep Jamaica's culture alive but until others are willing to give a helping hand, I am going on," GT said.

GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza will be hosted on the 25th of December 2012 at Independence Park, Black River St Elizabeth.

Some of the artistes to be featured on the show are Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Sizzla, I-Octane, Ninja Man, Aidonia, George Nooks, Khago, Romain Virgo, King Yellow Man, John Holt, Macka Diamond, D'Angel, Stacious among others.

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