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November 14, 2012
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Artistes set to suit up ... for big shows this Christmas
Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Ninja Man - file photos

With Christmas around the corner, the stage is already set for artistes to compete with the costume-like outfits for the major stage shows that will take place during the festive season.

While he is known for his dominance on stage shows, dancehall artiste Ninja Man is also known to thrill audiences with his outfits, especially on the Sting stage.

"Appearance says a lot. From the people see your outfit, that is a different round of applause. The outfit and appearance mek yuh handle the show even better," he told THE STAR.

He added that most of his Ninja and martial arts outfit have stood out over the years, but they are also very costly.

"When mi a perform a Sting, a way a Japan mi send go fi mi suit. Sometimes the outfit value all half a mi show money," Ninja Man said.

energetic artiste

While also admitting that these costumes are usually expensive, energetic artiste Elephant Man shied away from giving actual dollar figures. Nonetheless, he says the outfit an artiste wears, is just as important as the performance.

Busy Signal

"It all go with the event. If it is a Sting crowd yuh know yuh haffi go well hardcore. You have to think about it 'cause you don't want to repeat an idea.Yuh haffi think bout the suit or costume fi tek the show. Getting best dressed at the show comes with how you captivate the audience mind. This time a di year everybody a compete. This time a year the designer dem ting hot," he said, noting that Romeich Major designs most of his outfit.

Not only has Romeich designed for Elephant Man, some of his major clients are artistes like Tarrus Riley, Konshens and Beenie Man. Although he expects to be very busy during the festive season, he says, "artistes are normally last minute people, but I always have a lot of work to do for Sting."

According to Sting promoter Isaiah Laing, it is not just the artistes who come to the show in grand outfits.

"Sting is like a fashion show, the pride and joy of Christmas. Everybody who is anybody wants to show off. Sting is always the best dressed stage where everybody wants to outdo everybody," he told THE STAR.

Some of the standout outfits over the years, he says, have come from persons like Ninja Man, Papa San, Pinchers and the Demus family.

Laing also boasted that his event also helps to provide jobs for designers, hairdressers and nail technicians.

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