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November 14, 2012
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'Itsy bitsy' does the job - DNA test reveals real dad

Today, we continue with our buzz-worthy feature, Paternity Puzzle. Below is the result for the winners of the paternity test for October.

The feature will continue to attempt to help families solve paternity disputes. One more lucky couple will get a free test and reveal the truth once and for all.

This and every Wednesday, we will publish the story of a mother and an alleged father, who will both give their sides in tales of allegations and denials.

Be sure to follow the series as THE STAR awards a free DNA test sponsored by Caribbean Genetics to the most interesting story for the month.

Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

"Small axe can fall big tree," says 38-year-old Jake Jonas, who was recently told by his former lover Savanna Shirley, that his 'itsy bitsy equipment' couldn't have got her pregnant.

Yesterday, however, THE STAR broke the result of the DNA test to the former lovers, which revealed that Jonas is the father of Savannah's almost three-year-old son.

After waiting for more than a week for the result, Jonas was extremely elated, while Savannah, 24, said that she was merely relieved to finally know the truth.

He said: Oh gosh man, I am feeling so good because the yute is not getting no good treatment. Right now, mi feel as if mi ago, go for him to spend a week wid me and I will have to go and thank the lady who did tell me about dis competition. I am really feeling good.

Shirley, an entrepreneur, from St Catherine, and Jonas, 38, a businessman, also from the parish, met in 2006 at a grocery store.

Both parties had met with THE STAR to try their luck with the Paternity Puzzle feature as Savannah had said that she was involved with two other men, and could only rule out one of them.

She said: I am just relieved to know the truth because whatever must be, let it be, I just hope that he will support the child. I have no problem ensuring that he sees his son, and that my son gets the correct surname.

He said: I am actually not surprised as to her response because I don't understand why dis woman hate me, and I use to take good care of her. I even use to let she get her pedicure in bed.

Savannah made it known to THE STAR that she didn't have much to say about the result because it (the result) has spoken for itself.

She said: I don't have much to say, enuh, he said that he was going to open a bank account for my son, I just hope that he will follow through with that, and stand up to his responsibility. Whatever must be, will be.

He said: Deep down inside, she well and did know that the child is mine. From the one time mi did carry the little boy to meet my neighbour, the lady did say to me that dis yute can't hide and from that time, every night me sleep wid mi son's picture.

Jonas also said that he is going to make his close family know about the result.

As to comments made in previous articles last month about Jonas having an 'itsy bitsy equipment', Savannah told THE STAR that she has no regrets about making them.

However, Jonas remains adamant that his former lover was not truthful, and that she knows that he doesn't have a small 'package'.

*Names changed

Paternity Puzzle ... Paternity Puzzle ...

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