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November 14, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


Sleeping with my friend's father

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I am 22 years old and my friend's father is 65 years old. His wife left him 10 years ago and she is living in America. My friend was living with her father and taking care of him, but she left and is working in another country. When she was going, she asked me if I would like a live-in job to take care of her father and the house. I told her yes. She took me to him and he told his daughter that I am too young. I don't look my age because I am fat. But when he asked me my age, he told her that I was too young. He also told her that they should advertise to find an older woman but she told him that she trusted me and I was a decent girl.

I stayed there for one week and a half before she left. And she convinced her father to employ me. I do everything for him and I keep the place very clean. I have my own room and my own television. This man has a woman friend and she drives. She comes to see him sometimes, but she does not sleep there. He told me not to tell his daughter that this woman comes there because she doesn't want him to get involved with any woman. She is afraid they would take away his money. But I am having a problem because the lady friend is always questioning me. She wants to know if any other woman comes to the house to visit him and if he has ever troubled me.

I told him that I don't like the questions that his girlfriend is asking me. And he spoke to her about it and told her not to question me. So whenever she comes to the house now, she doesn't ask me any question and she doesn't say good evening.

He is a very clean man and I know that what I did was wrong. I exposed too much of myself to him. One evening he came home and he was going out to a function and the shirt he wanted to wear needed to be pressed. He knocked on my door and I answered and came out in a tight white shorts and iron the shirt for him. I observed that he kept watching me. The next day he told me that I should wear the same white shorts that I had on and I asked him why. He told me that I look good in it. Since that time we got closer and have been having sex. So now I don't know what to do.

His daughter wouldn't want to hear that we are sleeping together, but I need the job and the money. I get jealous whenever I see his girlfriend come to see him and go into his room.

I am begging you please to tell me what to do.


Dear A.,

I suggest that you try and get another job and leave this man's house. His daughter would want to know why you are leaving, but you are not obligated to tell her why, except to say that you got yourself another job.

You turned on the old man by wearing your sexy white shorts. Unfortunately, he found it difficult to resist you. And perhaps from the very start, you had your eyes on him too. I say perhaps. I can't be sure. Even if it did not begin that way, right now you wouldn't mind having him totally for yourself. And that is why when his girlfriend comes to visit, you feel so jealous. So the best thing to do is to get another job and to get out of his house.


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