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November 16, 2012
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Cheating accusation killing marriage
Andre' Williams, STAR Writer

*Suzette Chambers' marriage has been suffering from lack of trust as she told THE WEEKEND STAR her husband of one year and 11 months periodically accuses her of cheating, an allegation which she flatly refutes.

Chambers, 48, says her much younger husband constantly accuses her of having an affair.

She expressed, "Next month makes two years since we married. He has been doing it for a while but since the last two months him start acting up more, coming up with crazy accusations."

Chambers told THE WEEKEND STAR that her husband's allegations make her feel terrible and grieved.

"More time I feel like I would take something and slap him up ... mi feel like mi would just walk out on him", she said with no hesitation.

Chambers told THE WEEKEND STAR that she does not know if her husband voices his belief to others, however, according to her, when-ever he speaks to her about his issue, he normally gets loud, speaking on the top of his voice.

She added, "He is much younger than me but he is the insecure one ... I should be the insecure one, I never expect that from him."

Chambers admitted that the issue is definitely causing a strain on her marriage because she claims that when men are cheating they tend to turn it around on the woman.

She told THE WEEKEND STAR, "Honestly if it is up to me, I wouldn't want to do the test but is because he insist why I am going ahead to do it ... Before the marriage, it was good ... After the marriage, it was still good until things just change."

Chambers continued, "Since I mentioned the test to him, mi nuh hear him come up with anything pertaining to cheating again but mi still a go do it ... Next month is our second anniversary and mi nuh even a feel it ... jus want to get this out the way."

THE WEEKEND STAR was assured by Chambers that her husband's allegations are baseless and that is why she is set out to prove him dead wrong.

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