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November 16, 2012
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Witness testifies against woman accused of murdering sibling


A witness in the murder trial of Suzan Smith testified in the St Catherine Circuit Court yesterday that the accused woman told him that his mother had not returned to Jamaica.

Smith is charged with the death of her sister Stacey-Ann Smith. The witness told the court that Smith even showed him a text message which suggested that the accused woman should take care of her sister's son.

The witness told the court that when he insisted that he be told the whereabouts of his mother, the accused told him that she is not coming back to the island.

The witness stated that having observed that there was a foul odour coming from the yard, he told his aunt of this and his aunt again tried to convince him, this time by saying that the odour was coming from dead rats.

He said he insisted and went to his stepfather and revealed his findings following which a report was made to the Waterford Police Station in Portmore, following which an investigation was launched and his mother's body was later found.

The accused woman was further remanded until December 4, when the trial is expected to continue.

He also told the court that the two sisters, his mother and aunt, had always fought constantly and this arose his suspicion that something might have been wrong.

The body of Stacey-Ann Smith was taken from encased concrete in Portsmouth, St Catherine, on February 5, about a week after she returned to the island from Grand Cayman.

Investigations by Detective Corporal Llwellyn Madden of the Waterford police resulted in Suzan being charged with murder. She went to the Circuit Court on a voluntary bill of indictment.

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