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November 16, 2012
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Should I marry my sugar daddy?
Dear Pastor,

I am quite confused and in need of a professional's perspective, so I am pleading for your credible insight today. I am 18 and in a progressing relationship with a 54-year-old man. I would not categorise him as ideal, given the age difference and my desire to be a power couple.

My future looks bright as I am smart and determined, but he is a simple person who just lives for today and ensures who is around him is surviving, and I respect that.

Anyway, reality has depicted my choice and I am grateful because he is caring, loving and has my well-being at heart.

He ensures everything is in place for my educational pursuit as he provides me with the resources. For that I am most appreciative and will not deceive him nor waste his efforts so I do my best at school and show him love. The sex is good and I am not pressured.

I wonder if he is the best person for me because he is very slight, although hard-working. He does not have a steady job and has no significant assets. Despite his inconsistency, I am not financially depressed because he finds it, somehow, to give me.

His shortcomings are few but they have an impact as there is a lag in communication, given the contrast in our levels of education.

He also tries to restrict my external recreation as he is a jealous person. After two years of courting, he has now proposed marriage to me.

Should I accept it, because things are relatively okay now, or wait until a more ideal opportunity arises and just offer friendship?

I know the seriousness of marriage and, if I accept, I will play my part but, as I said, marriage is a big step. Do you think I sound ready?

Grateful Teenager

Dear Grateful Teenager,

This man is really a sugar daddy. You are with him for what you can get. This relationship is not healthy. I cannot encourage you to marry him.


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