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November 16, 2012
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I don't trust women anymore

Dear Pastor,

I am not living in Jamaica at the moment. I came to Jamaica in 2009, I met a lady from Manchester and we fell in love. Every month I used to send money to her because she wasn't working. Two years later I decided to come to Jamaica to marry her. We got married and I returned to Aruba and filed for her. Everything went through quickly and she came up to live with me.

To my surprise, whenever I went to work, she would take men into my house. I had no other choice but to get her deported to Jamaica. I don't trust women anymore. I really try a few and they let me down.

Please, give me advice as to what to do. I am from Old Harbour in St Catherine, but I have been living in Aruba for the past 17 years. Keep up the good work you are doing.


Dear L.W.,

If you have not been able to have a steady relationship with any woman, you should try to find out why. Could you be at fault? Why would every woman not stay with you or be unfaithful to you? Check yourself.

Go and see a counsellor.


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