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November 17, 2012
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DJ Smurf releases Radioactive rhythm

... clears air on Macka Diamond, Lady Saw feud


Popular radio disc jockey DJ Smurf has released a dancehall compilation project called the Radioactive rhythm. The rhythm has sparked some controversy between dancehall veterans Macka Diamond and Lady Saw, because of a song which Lady Saw recorded called Age Is Just Number.

According to DJ Smurf, Lady Saw recorded on the Radioactive rhythm from early 2012, however, he held back the release of the rhythm until late October.

Macka Diamond recently released a song called 40 And Fabulous, unaware of Lady Saw's single, and has drawn the assumption that Lady Saw was counteracting her song.

However, DJ Smurf says the controversy that has developed between the two female artistes is based on a misunderstanding.

"I produced the rhythm and Lady Saw gave me the song from about February, dem time deh. The song was completed but the files neva sort out yet until like September. Macka Diamond put out a song name 40 And Fabulous which is a similar concept to Lady Saw's song. But as DJs we play music with similar topics in such a way that it might come off as a counteraction but this was not the case, because the song was not counteracting Macka Diamond's song," DJ Smurf explained.

The DJ/producer/promoter says Macka Diamond wanted to record a counteraction to Lady Saw's song on the Radioactive rhythm, however, he was not about to encourage any feuds on this project.

"I told her that Lady Saw wrote the song long time and I am not going to record any clash songs on this rhythm. Clash songs kill rhythms after December done," he said.

The rhythm features I-Octane, Khago, Zamunda, Zaga, Assassin, Esco, Beenie Man, Popcaan, Dada and Cee Gee.

"It's a hardcore dancehall rhythm with a party vibes. I love dancehall, some a dem rhythm ya now a days a hip hop, but I try to keep the '90s element alive in my rhythms. So far, it is doing well. I am getting good responses from all over the world, even as far as Africa, and I am getting the support from others in promoting it, because I am very supportive as well, "DJ Smurf said.

The DJ also started a new event a month ago called Radioactive Fridays. The event features an exclusive radio DJ every week and is held at Club Eras in New Kingston.

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