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November 17, 2012
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Teaching the standards of God


Marcia Burrell-Ankle likes the work she has been doing as a Sunday school teacher at the Denbigh United Church in Clarendon for the past 10 years. She, like others who serve as church educators, believes that to be a teacher in the church is a wonderful thing.

"It is good because we get to tell others, especially the young people, about the goodness of the Lord. We get to teach the children the things that are necessary for them to grow well, and we also get to instill discipline in them and to lead them to the Lord, which is foremost," said the Sunday school teacher.

Moral and social standards

Burrell-Ankle noted that it is very important that children are exposed to the teachings of the Bible from a tender age. This is so because she thinks that moral and social standards, which are to be upheld, must be known early so that children can be able to live according to the standards set in the Bible by God.

"I think that when certain morals and standards are instilled in them from an early age; for example, marriage and how one goes about living that sacred life, how they dress and so on; even if they depart while growing up, at a later stage they will eventually go back to where they are coming from, because the teachings were instilled in them," said the Sunday school teacher.

She stressed that her mother saw to it that she and her siblings attended Sunday school from an early age, and the teachings she learnt back then are still with her now as a mature and responsible adult; and she has been instilling those teachings in those she teaches.

Burrell-Ankle, who lost her father while she was very young, has been a Christian for the past 20 years said she was not a bad individual prior to her starting her journey, as she was grown up in the church. She added that there were certain principles which she learnt from her mother and her siblings on which she had to stand.

"I had brothers who took the place of my father, and with the help of my mother who was a serious churchwoman, they ensured that I walked the straight and narrow. Church was one place that we could not miss and we had to be actively involved in Sunday school and all the activities of the church, Christmas concerts and all of that," recalled the church leader.

She stressed that the foundation that was laid by her Christian mother and siblings ensured that there was no need for her to walk out of line nor keep company which was unworthy; and so she saw herself as a good girl while she was growing up, because the activities of the church played a significant role in her development.

This hard-working churchwoman, who is currently a school principal, has served God in other capacities in the church; including board and congregational secretary, choir member and she serves on the board of elders.

Burrell-Ankle's favourite Bible verse is "The Lord is my light and salvation, whom shall I fear." Her favourite chorus is 'God is good'.

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