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November 20, 2012
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Ginal get ketch

Propa propa respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all a mi Mix Up massive. An bless up to all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners. Straight blessings an protection.

On to di mix up:

Ginal get Ketch

A bredda an a girl a deal an tings a gwaan good. Di bredda get a work out port an did haffi spen most a him time outa di area. Wen him gaan di B staat to draw fi a nex yute who har man know too. Da yute deh goh mek har man know weh she up to an di two a dem decide fi gwaan play along wid har games. Soh di two man dem jus gwaan run di ting same way, di man who she deh wid jus gwaan run it wen him fahwud fram work, an di oda yute rinse har wen him gaan a work - an di two man dem cool wid di arrangement.

All dis time di B tink a she a run di two man dem head. She de deh a tink seh har playa-playa skills dem tun up an dat di two man dem nuh know say she a do di tings dem wid both a dem.

Tings reach a point weh di two man dem decide say a time fi surprise har. Di plan was dat one fi move to har fi a sort out, an dat afta him done, di oda one woulda come een right away a tek fi him sort out as usual - which would be their way of revealing to her dat dem know weh she a do long time.

Soh pon di planned night she an har man goh a one shed an she de deh a dash out har sinting wicked. Dem a gwaan an a gwaan an a gwaan. Di oda bredda did outside inna di dark a wait back a one tree.

Anyways, she an di man did a tek one helleva long time wid dem doings. It cause di one outside weh a wait fi get impatient, an him staat fling stone pon di house top fi signal to di girl man say fi done now so dat him can go een.

Di girl hear di stone dem a drop all bout pon di shed weh she a sort out wid har man an ketch har fraid.

One important ting to note here was dat about two weeks before dis a gwaan, a different yute did dead suddenly inna di community.

Anyways, back to di mix up. Soh di B staat ketch har fraid an insist say she waan goh outside fi see wa a gwaan. She walk outa di shed an wen she reach outside di yute weh a hide slide back a di tree fi continue hide fram har. She mussi see likkle movements an staat move to di tree an a look good fi see if she see smaddy. Di yute continue to a position himself fi she nuh see him. But she keep on a walk closer n closer to di tree, an a ben har neck inna di darkness deh fi see if she really did see supm a move. Wen she get close to di tree di yute realise say she a goh eventually see him - soh him step out!! Wen him step out di gyal frighten nuh faleetee!! She staat bawl out loud an a scream pon di top a har lungs!! She tun roun an run weh fasta dan Shellyan Fraser, a scream loud loud an run goh dung a har muma an relatives an tell dem say she jus see duppy an dat di di duppy did a move to har.

By di nex mawnin di girl an har muma fly goh dung a one obeah man fi him tell dem a wa really gwaan wid weh she see di night before. Di obeahman work him guzum an end up a tell dem say a di bredda weh did dead few weeks before did a move to har. Den di obeahman come up wid a bag a foolishniss fi she do fi keep weh di duppy. Eventually di obeahman mek di girl a walk roun wid har head, neck an face well wrap up wid all kind stinking guzumites an obeah oil. All a di stinking tings dem weh she have on was supposedly fi keep weh di duppy fram har.

Well, as people always say, belief kill an belief cure.

But me did a wonda say since she did a sort out wen she hear di stone dem a drop all bout pon di shed, does dat mean she did tink say di duppy did want some a di daggerring?? Lol

See unu Thursday.


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