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November 20, 2012
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I blame my ex for giving me STI

Dear Counsellor:

I found out about six months ago that I'm infected with a sexual disease and, to make it worse, I'm dating a new man. This disease thing makes my life very uncomfortable, and I can blame no one but my ex-boyfriend. He knew he had it, but he did nothing to protect me. Tell me, can I transmit a sexual disease when there are no symptoms? I don't remember the name of the disease but I was experiencing a pus discharge.

Careful Lover

Dear Careful Lover:

It is best not to have sex while being treated for a sexually transmitted infection, even if the symptoms you experienced have disappeared.

This is so because symptoms will disappear even without treatment, but the germ remains in your body and you are capable of passing it on to your sex partner. If at all you are going to have sex you must use a condom.

Painless pimple on my vagina

Dear Counsellor:

Two weeks before I had sex with my boyfriend I noticed a painless pimple on my vagina. I had sex with my boyfriend and three days later I noticed a similar pimple on his penis. Do you think it is something to worry about?


Dear Girlfriend:

A pimple on the penis or vagina is something that you should be concerned about. Both of you must see a doctor as soon as possible so that you can be properly diagnosed and treated. You should ask your doctor to explain the cause of that pimple to prevent getting it in the future.

You and your partner must also know that you must use a condom every time you have sex or have sex with only one faithful partner who you know is not infected with sexually transmitted infections including HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In the meantime, I suggest that you abstain from sex until you see a doctor.

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