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November 21, 2012
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Upsetta Records hoping to expand in Jamaica

The Upsetta Records crew. - Contributed

America-based record label Upsetta Records is in Jamaica hoping to expand their musical connections.

According to the Americans, they fell in love with dancehall/reggae music much like the European and Japanese music, and it has now become their passion.

"Our main objective during this current trip to Jamaica is to further expand some links with artistes we've been working with over the past year, or more. In this case, our focus is on wrapping up vocal and video production for two releases we have coming out this December," Dubee Upsetta said.

The label plans to release two rhythms, an old school one drop called the Kingship and a 90s style dancehall called Kill Di Rhythm.

different genres

"We have studied and loved reggae/dancehall music for many a years! We all listen to and appreciate all different genres of music. We produce everything from hip hop, electronic music to acoustic, folk singers. However, we've all made an emotional connection at some point in time, with the passion and energy that grabs you, like no other genre in the world, like reggae/dancehall music. Because of that, we live, sleep, breathe - reggae/dancehall," Dante Upsetta said.

It is said that the international audience is more concerned with authentic dancehall and reggae music and Upsetta Records seems be a living example. According to the record producers, they are not trying to bring something new, but to maintain tradition.

"We're not trying to bring anything new to the industry. We're just trying to bring forward some of the love and positive elements of the old days. If you listen to our past releases, Cuss Fix Rhythm, Bombflow Rhythm, and even Kingship & Kill Di Rhythm - we're bringing a bag of brilliant vintage rhythms (Upsetta Records and Flow Productions, Switzerland), combined with incredibly talented youths from around the world. But mostly from Jamaica and backing it with various degrees and several years of professional experience in audio production," Dante said.

In addition to record production, Upsetta Records also has a video directing element to their label and both arms of their musical skills are being utilised during their stay on local soil.

"We are only in Jamaica for seven days. So far, we have produced a HD music video for Cario's King Roun Here on the Kingship Rhythm and Senita's Man For You on Kill Di Rhythm. We've also voiced here one more tune on the Kingship Rhythm by Dekka (Boom Dekka), as well as two new songs from a future rhythm by Cario and Dekka. Every single day and night we will be filming a video until we leave," Dante said.

The Upsetta crew is comprised of Dubee Upsetta, Dante Upsetta and Jon Demus Upsetta.

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