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November 21, 2012
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Cop fights to own child - Wants DNA test to prove he is the real dad
Andre Williams, STAR Writer

Today, we continue with our buzz-worthy feature, Paternity Puzzle. Below is the result for the winners of the paternity test for October.

The feature will continue to attempt to help families solve paternity disputes. One more lucky couple will get a free test and reveal the truth once and for all.

This and every Wednesday, we will publish the story of a mother and an alleged father, who will both give their sides in tales of allegations and denials.

Be sure to follow the series as THE STAR awards a free DNA test sponsored by Caribbean Genetics to the most interesting story for the month.

Policeman Leon Grant, 42, was in a no-nonsense mood when he came to our office recently, after he had to summon his ex-girlfriend 22-year-old Tiana Scottto a paternity feature interview with THE STAR.

The two met at a market in 2005 and started to communicate. They later became an item though having gone through a period of on-and-off contact.

Scott, who is currently unemployed, seemed well relaxed as she began to give her story. "You know from when me want do a DNA and him tell mi say that him nah do none cause a his child."

Grant countered, "No, a because she say a mine, now she switch a say a next man own."

He said this is his reason for finally moving towards the truth, to be certain about who is the father of the one-year-and-three-month-old child.

Grant said: "Honestly, me still love her enuh, although mi have my people dem still. Me and her on and off and mi nah hold that a ground."

Scott said: "We nuh in a no relationship right ya now (laughing)."

They say the results will bring closure to the matter, and everybody can live happily ever after.

She said: "Honestly, mi wouldn't mind it swing his (Grant's) way still. But mi know in my heart it's not his. A di other yute own. With Grant as her father she would be better off in a lot of ways because the next man can only give love and care, plus him nuh really secure!"

He said: "I want the result to show that I am the father."

Scott said: "The ball is in his court ... If him want me give him back the money, all him do give me a time and I will return it ... If him want to be the godfather, I have no problem with that either!"

Grant said: "At the end of the day, mi just want to know if a my child or not. The money weh mi spend, mi wouldn't look back on that."

When quizzed what the outcome would be if the result said Grant is the father, She said: "Well mi would just change it out and put Grant name on the birth papers. I have no problem. Mi nuh live with the next one ... Mi turn mi own key and do weh mi want do."

He said: "I would just do what a father suppose to do, take care of my child ... I would even take out all the necessary things that she suppose to get."

THE STAR was told that only the surname of the man, who Scott says she is 95 per cent sure is the father, sits on the child's birth certificate.

Scott throughout the interview session argued that she is 95 per cent sure that Grant is not the father, however, as for the remaining five per cent, she will let the test result decide.

She said: Before mi get involved with Grant, I was with the other man. Mi did live with the man. After getting involved with Grant now mi see some signs, lizard jump pan mi and mi mada dream see fish so mi figure say something was up."

He said: "I have doubts because what she a tell me don't add up. One time she tell mi say from mi and her start have sex, she never feel so yet. She was complaining about how she was feeling and ting. When mi link mi doctor fren dem, and take dem through the timing as how I knew it to be, they say if the baby go over in a October mi nuh fi look deh so ... She had baby September so ..."

Scott said: "I had a due date in October. The only reason why I went in was because of my pressure why I had her in September. The doctors dem tek her that time because dem say dem not running any chances. My due date was October 13 or 15.

Grant claims he remains hopeful because he is convinced as well that some of his family traits are visible on the child's feet.

He said: "A me, my father and sister alone have toes that lay over in our family, and the little girl toes are the same. People at my workplace tell me that the child look like me ... I just want to do the right thing at the end of the day."

She said: "The child looks like her father ... the other man! He has toes that resemble my daughter's as well. She has almost everything for that man. Even Grant brother tell him say the child no look like him."

He said: "My brother never say that ... Your sister tell me that the baby look like me!"

Names changed

Paternity Puzzle ... Paternity Puzzle ...

Do you have any doubts that a child is yours or have you been denied access to a child that you know is yours? Well here is the chance for you to find out the truth. Contact THE STAR at 932-6271/932-6249 or 932-6282 to share your story and qualify for a chance to get a free DNA test courtesy of Caribbean Genetics.

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