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November 22, 2012
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Crystal Harrison, Staff Reporter

Hydel entrance

Children enjoying the merry-go-round.

Quite a number of Jamaicans have not forgotten Coney Park, the once popular, fun-filled amusement centre, located at Ferry St Catherine.

The spacious Coney Park property has been transformed into the Hydel Group of Schools, a private institution.

The Hydel Group of Schools was founded by former Jamaica Labour Party senator Hyacinth Bennett.

Reminiscing on the 'good old days', many Jamaicans tend to agree that places such as Coney Park and the Coconut Park can never be replaced.

"I went there about three times because I use to love to drive the small cars dem dat dem use to have. I didn't use to like the other rides. I also remember that they use to use the property for stage shows. They use to call it 'border clash', big stage show. It was a meeting point for lovers as well," Ricardo Plummer from St Catherine said.

Meanwhile, Nadine Dunbar from St Andrew said that there is still no place like Coney Park', "I remember the rides, peanuts , popcorn, and cotton candy and that I miss those days. My kids should be able to enjoy that. It was a good family setting, but it wasn't around for a long time. It was a park with a lot of rides.I really don't know why they close it down. They use to even use it for stage shows and concerts," Dunbar told THE STAR.

Opened in 1989, Coney Park, was a complete entertainment park that used to offer wholesome fun for the family.

Joan West, also from St Catherine said, "Whenever I think of taking the entire family out it was either a trip to Hope Gardens, the Zoo or Coney Park, but nowadays your options are limited and the fun is just not the same. I really miss those days and they will never come back."

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