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November 22, 2012
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Yes, di man gay!

Tambareeeeeeeeeeen!!! Bless up all Mix Up linky-linky an all Tambareen Fambily massive. Big up unu self straight. An bless up all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners. As me always say, Laugh, Learn and Grow.

Mix-up time:

Mix Up di Man

Me say people mi deh up ya inna Obama Lan an me nuh short a mix-up. Everyday mix-up bax me inna mi nastiniss. A bare drama always a rinse up ya. Hear da one ya:

Mi inna a cashier line inna one pharmacy a mind me owna bizniz, an a wait pon me turn fi cash weh me a buy. Same time a man roll een a di pharmacy. As two a di cashier see di man pass dem kin ketch a fire. One say, "girrrrrrrllll, now there's a hot honeypot!". Di oda one say "well, usually we don't agree on men, but I have to admit, he IS hot!". Den dem staat argue bout which one a dem woulda more suitable fi di man.

Same time one oda worker weh a nuh cashier say based pon wa di man a buy she will know which one a dem more suitable fi di man. Soh she say she a goh neatly watch weh di man a buy an based pon weh she find out she wi know who betta fi di man. She come back quick, quick an staat list out a few tings weh di man have inna him likkle shopping handcart. One a di tings was baby wipes. Same time one a di cashier say "oh damn, too bad, he's off the market cause he's got a babymama or a wife with a young kid." But den di oda cashier say the wipes don't have to be for a baby, it could be for himself, cause many adults use wipes regularly. Di oda one say wen him come up she a goh find out weh him use di wipes fa.

Same time mi jus step to di side an neatly goh a di back a di line - jus fi see wa a goh happen nex inna di unfolding mix-up.

Mi see di man a fahwud wid him tings fi cash, an same time di girl who is not a cashier goh say supm to him an redirect him straight to di cashier dem. It look like she mek arrangement fi him skip di line.

Me staat cock mi ears dem an a focus.

Wen one di cashier dem staat cash him tings dem an reach di wipes she say "Sir, did you know we have a sale on another brand of wipes where you could receive a much better deal?"

Di man say, "that's okay, this is the one my baby loves."

The cashier responded "but your baby won't know the difference between the wipes and you will be getting a much better deal."

The man say "no, no, no, I'm sure this is the only one he wants. Don't worry about it"

Same time one big, swarthy, heaby man, weh mussi weigh bout 300 pounds, step through door an say "babe, what's taking you so long?" Everybady nearly drap a grung wen di man weh a buy di tings dem say "honey, I was just telling this lady that these are your favourite wipes. I'll be there in a sec."

Yes, di man gay.

Him finish cash him tings an wen him a lef him gayly tell di cashier tanks an tell har bye by saying "toodles!".

Di oda cashier nearly pee-pee up harself di way how she waan buss out a laugh. But di one weh did cash di man did well bex, an a cuss say it was waste say him gay. Di oda one still a laugh an a say she nuh have nuh problem wid him being gay, an dat di oda cashier muss jus cool, because is a simple mistake dem mek by assuming di man did straight.

It look to me like di man did know long time say a supm di cashier dem waan find out wen him a buy di wipes, cause wen him bawl out to him man say him did a talk to dem bout di wipes, him deliberately draw out di word "honey" in such a way fi really slam it inna di cashier face say him nuh love woman an dat a him man dat weh did deh a di door a chat to him. An di way how him claat har wid di 'toodles' too di come ova in a way fi done har.

But me naa lie, di cashier did bex bad. It look like she woulda do well wid a propa man, an a dat mek it bun har soh wen di man neatly diss har.

Aaaaaaayyy bwoy ...... life is just a stage full a mix-ups. Same soh.

Bless up unu self .......

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