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November 22, 2012
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Massive drug haul - Cops seize 4,400lb of ganja

A portion of the 4,400 pounds of ganja that was seized by the police at an abandoned guest house in Portland yesterday. - Gareth Davis

The infamous drug-for-gun trade between local fishermen and their counterparts elsewhere was dealt a major blow yesterday after ganja weighing approximately 2,000 kilograms (4,400lb) was recovered by the police at an abandoned guest house at Snow Hill, Portland.

Eighty jugs of motorised fuel measuring, approximately 4,560 litres, were also recovered by a specially selected squad, headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Wayne Cameron, about noon, near a beach front property at Snow Hill.

"We believe that this is a regular pickup point for the drug smugglers," said DSP Cameron. "This abandoned guest house is being used as their storehouse. We believe that the ganja was transported to the area by persons involved in the infamous drug-for-gun trade aboard dumper trucks loaded with sand which was later dumped at the old abandoned guest house property. This is a major find, and no doubt, this has created a major dent in their operations."

Traces of tyre marks were visible leading from the entrance of the old guest house into a bushy area. A load of white sand was also dumped near the verandah area of the abandoned building and police personal spent a considerable period of time sifting through the grains in search of contraband.

According to Cameron, they have evidence that the drugs, upon its arrival, would be later transferred to the beach area, where it was picked up by small fishing boats, later loaded on to larger vessels, and then transported to Haiti. He further said that based on their investigations, a portion of the drug was already removed by the drug runners, who he believes are carrying out their illicit operations along the North East coast.


The guest house, which showed signs of being battered by hurricanes, overlooks the blue Caribbean Sea. An area resembling a port, which can accommodate small fishing vessels, was also discovered by the lawmen.

Two men were reportedly seen by the police running from the building in different directions upon the arrival of the lawmen. The police reportedly gave chase, but to no avail, as the men escaped into nearby bushes.

During a search of a storeroom at the abandoned guest house, the drug was found and the petrol was later found along the promenade leading to a makeshift port.

The ganja is estimated to be worth $30 million while the petrol is estimated to cost $600,000.

As a result of the find, the police said they will be stepping up their operations along the coastal areas to further smash the ongoing illicit operations.

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