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November 22, 2012
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The proceedings at the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court were disrupted on Monday after the police were forced to physically restrain an unruly prisoner who had decided to vent his frustrations at the court system.

For approximately five minutes of the proceedings, there was no order in the court as the police had to relinquish their court duties and assist a colleague who was attempting to reprimand the unruly prisoner, rumoured to be of unsound mind.

Winston Ferron, who is on a charge of wounding with intent, began shouting and started to use profanity towards the police as he sat in the dock. However, it was not until Resident Magistrate Henry McKenzie had remanded the seemingly troubled prisoner back into custody, that all hell broke loose.

He was escorted to the holding cell inside the courtroom and during the process he ignored the instructions of the officers to respect the magistrate and be quiet.

Ferron kept screaming and shouting that he was not given any justice and the system was taking him for a fool.

THE STAR observed that while the prisoner was in the cell, punches and kicks began to swing, as the officers appeared to be using force as Ferron was enraged and became hostile.

A few of the remaining accused who were also in the holding cell for other matters took cover to protect themselves from the onslaught by scampering towards one corner of the cell.


An elderly woman who was seated in attendance said, "Why is the man behaving like that and he is already in trouble? All he had to do is remain obedient until something works out for him."

A court official that offered to speak with THE STAR only on condition of anonymity expressed, "I have never seen this type of behaviour from officers and prisoners play out in court in front of a judge. Measures ought to be in place to avoid embarrassing occurrences like this."

THE STAR gathered that Ferron also has another matter in the Home Circuit Court and that as well may have led to his unruly outburst.

As it relates to the matter which unfolded in the court, the news team was left in the dark as no one was able to confirm if additional charges would be laid against him.

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