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November 22, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


Not pleased with your advice

Dear Pastor,

I am responding to the advice that you gave that lady about the fact that she was not comfortable with her church. I am disgusted by your advice. I find it to be biased and hypocritical.

How dare you to say that the bishop's money belongs to the bishop. The offering is to provide assistance for those who need it. He didn't pray for her, but if the bishop heard that she was having an affair, he would confront her.

I think you and the bishop are selfish and wicked. Where is the love in church? The same Bible that says don't rob God, is the same that says we should love our neighbours.

Pastor, think about your advice before you give them.


Dear Unnamed,

You don't know what you are talking about. Evidently you are not a Christian or you don't know how churches that are organised conduct their affairs. If you had read my response carefully, you would not disagree with me.

There are indeed many like you who believe that pastors, priests, bishops and elders, etc. are to use their money to support anyone who comes to them for financial aid. They ignorantly believe that the tithes and offerings that are collected at the church are given to the ministers and are controlled by them. Foolish people believe that they can come any time to get their share of the money. Such persons do not understand that in many churches, the ministers are just given a stipend. And in many cases, what they receive cannot even pay their bills and send their children to school. And that is why so many Christian workers are engaged in secular employment.

The church has a responsibility to help people who are in need and it has carried out that mandate very well. Many who are not in need have lied and are always looking for more. However, those who are genuine are always thankful for what they have received.


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