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November 23, 2012
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Deadly threats for deejay's ring

A tense calm and threat of possible violence now exists in a Kingston community after a fight involving an artiste ended with thugs confiscating a gold ring belonging to him, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

Reports are that the dancehall artiste was involved in a fight on Sunday in the community. THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the fight was as a result of the artiste being offended after he was seemingly cheated during a $10 gambling game.

According to reports, the rumble took place at approximately 1 p.m. in full view of onlookers including other members of the community, some of whom have allegedly openly condemned the act of the deejay.


Our news team gathered that during the fight, the artiste is alleged to have punched his contender repeatedly in the face and one of his gold rings fell off his finger.

An alleged eye-witness gave THE WEEKEND STAR their account of what transpired.

The onlooker said, "A him and a bredda a war over gambling money. Mi hear say a $10 a bet game, and during the fight di deejay thump him ina him face and him big gold ring fly off. The deejay bex because some thugs tek up di ring and say dem nah gi him back and because of dat his followers a say di ring fi run back or else what and what a go gwan."

The eye-witness continued, "Mi nuh think it reach the police dem ears caw none never come but di people dem vex wid wah gwan cause as an artiste inna di community him coulda deal wid it better."

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that a man who was suspected to have taken up the gold ring was approached in a hostile manner, however, he denied any involvement and was let go by men close to the deejay.

The deejay when contacted yesterday by THE WEEKEND STAR refuted claims that he was involved in a fight.

He said, "Weh di people dem a say, me involve ina fight? Mi nuh know nothing bout that. Mi never ina no fight."

In response to his gold ring being confiscated, he responded, "See all mi ring dem pan mi finger yah. Yuh know what, mek mi check a wah gwan and call yuh back."

When ours news team contacted the Hunts Bay Police they said no report had been filed relating to a fight or allegations of anything being stolen from the deejay.

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