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November 26, 2012
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Jamaica cannot afford to be gifting its leaders

Di more tings change a di more dem remain di same inna da country yah and it look like seh those who should lead by example naa really set too much of a good one.

It is all well an good when we hear reform being preached an everybody a talk bout banning we belly, but when we see other people belly heng out from enjoying the sweets of being on top, it mek nuff people belly hurt dem!

Mi is all fi eating di best, wearing di best, living in the best and driving di best but sometimes yuh haffi know which level yuh deh pon an mek good sense prevail. Yes we all would love to drive a nice fancy SUV especially wid di big dutty pothole dem weh deh pon di road weh mek nuff chasis ben but if yuh cyaa afford it yuh jus haffi lef it!

Jamaica cannot afford to be gifting our leaders wid certain frills an thrills at a time like dis when so many are in wants an needs. Mi no seh a leader or those who we elect mus inna patty-pan but it look hard when some a sail pass inna dem big pretty van while those who put dem in power no have no roof ova dem head, no food fi eat an haffi walk go a fi dem yaad to how tings bad wid dem!

See Sandy she come mash up di place wah day yah leaving so many displaced an inna headache an we no move fi sort out dem ting deh an other pressing issues which affect the growth a we country an people a spend money like we have it an we no hab it!

We haffi stop live inna denial about the state of affairs in our beloved island and start buckle up from the top ... to di bottom! It can't be business as usual an even if leaders an' politicians elsewhere live a certain way an drive certain vehicle we cyaa watch dat yah so cause our economy no deh a di place where we can do as we like an drive as we like.

We haffi face facts - our reality is different! Cyaa watch di noise a di market we haffi watch we profit an dat a weh we naa mek yah now and need fi come up wid ways of how to get there an right now we cyaa drive we way to success!

wrong message

If yuh know nutten bout vehicle yuh will know seh fi get dem vehicle deh a dat price was somewhat of a deal as odd as it sounds, but I think it a send a wrong message an' the tone nuh right either. Of course perks haffi come wid certain jobs an mi can tell yuh some perks wah some people a get mek wah di politician dem get look like joke, but at the end of the day they are not accountable to the people but our politicians are.

The age old ting bout haffi drive SUV when dem go a country an all dese tings naa hold much wata cause inna di same "hilly terrain" weh dem a talk bout, people live deh an most a dem no drive big van or drive at all fi dat matta! If the road bad and the terrain not suitable, fix the roads an mek it better because if fi go deh fi a few hours a week legitimise why SUVs are needed imagine di men,women an children who haffi live so everyday.

Mi jus a seh when we do certain tings it look a way an no badmind no inna my ting cause certain post come wid certain tings. At di same time we cyaa a beg money an spen like we have it, people will chat we an hold on pon fi dem own an seh we a ginal!

If Mama can drive a ole SUV di pickney dem supposed to can drive it to at least til di economy start turn positively, den we wont even need SUV a woulda private jet from parish to parish!!

Questions, comments, observations? You can email me at talkditings5@yahoo.com.

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