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November 26, 2012
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Gang's return scares residents - Rat Bat members blamed for gruesome murder

Residents of Maxfield Avenue in Kingston are living on edge as they claim remnants of the infamous Rat Bat gang have restructured and have started to wreck havoc, even as the Christmas season approaches.

Information reaching THE STAR is that thugs affiliated with the gang have once again began to make the lives of residents in the area miserable as talks and threats of violence have been upgraded to acts of violence.

A resident told THE STAR, "Di likkle bowy dem a carry on wid this Rat Bat ting and it ago mek di place worse than it already is ... we need help from the police wid it cause we can't go inna Christmas like this."

No bad vibes

She said, "The man dem from opposite side buck up on a site last week and di Bats dem a claim say no man from over here nah get no work so dat cause the work fi stall and since then a bare talk a mek. Dem say dem ago kill and see it deh, man come see di yute and dem kill di yute. No bad vibes never inna di place fi a good while now but tru a Christmas dem say di Bats dem a pitch again."

Residents said the fatal shooting of 30-year-old labourer Curtis 'Bummy' Porter along Maxfield Avenue on Saturday is believed to have been committed by the gang.

Witnesses said three men, two of whom are known gang members, alighted from a car and shot Porter in the chest. He was rushed to the Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced. The man escaped in the waiting car.

THE STAR gathered that prior to Saturday's shooting incident there had been threats of violence following a dispute over work being done on a church in the community.

Police sources within the division were tight-lipped when quizzed about the Rat Bat gang's resurgence. But officers pointed out that until the investigation into Saturday's murder were complete, it's anybody's guess as to who is responsible.

THE STAR was also told that the police have stepped up their presence in the area and will do so until they restore normality to these communities.

The police are advising anyone who can provide information that can assist with their investigation to come in and speak with them.

The infamous Rat Bat gang was regarded as one of the most feared in South St Andrew. The gang was said to have been involved in numerous killings in Whitfield Town, Maxfield Avenue and nearby communities. The police have had to work long and hard to bring the gang under control.

A number of the gang members including the reputed leader Dave 'Machine Man' Sterling, were killed by lawmen forcing the other members to put away the guns and embrace law and order.

However years of bloodletting have left the police wary of any claims of reform. Earlier this year Senior Superintendent Delroy Hewitt, who is in charge of St Andrew South, was quoted as saying, "the Rat Bat Crew has been quiet recently", but the police are still watching them.

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