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November 27, 2012
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Unfair gov't - Artistes slam $60-million budget for cars

Ninja Man


Twin of Twins

Dancehall artistes have slammed the Jamaican Government for its recent decision to spend $60 million on high-end vehicles for some of its ministers.

According to the artistes, the money should have been used to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy and the pool of Jamaicans living below the poverty line.

"This is not a good move, I know thousands of people don't have a place to live after Hurricane Sandy. People are suffering in the inner city and kids don't even have shoes on their feet. That decision by the Government is foolishness, they could have made better use of the money," said female deejay Miss Thing.

The Dude singer says irresponsible decisions can harm the country.

"We have to be careful of the choices we make, it's just wrong.

Look at our roads, we have to be guessing which potholes to drive in, why would you take taxpayer money and spend it on yourselves, look how much people homeless," she said.

Dancehall artiste Flexxx was also disturbed with the Government's decision. He believes local leaders should advocate for the poor like American President Barack Obama.

"It's not a good move, richer country than we naah duh dat. Obama could do that, but him still naah duh dem thing deh. Dem politician yah nuh duh nothing fi poor people but dem waah live big life, di only thing dem duh a mash up the economy and mi nuh alright wid dat," Flexxx said.

The controversial iconic deejay Ninja Man also shared his opinion. He believes the citizens knew their fate even before putting their trust in the Government.

"Di whole country did know this already dat all politicians duh a help themselves and nuh try help di poor. At di end of the day riches won't last forever because yu cyah tek it to yu grave wid yu. Prime minister need to know that the poorer class people need to live better. They need to pay attention to the people who put them in power and end the selfishness," the Gorgon said.

Known for their social commentary capabilities, the duo Twin of Twins never held back their backlash of the Government's decision. They even challenged the citizens to fight back.

"At this point in time, Jamaica is in no position to dish out 60 million to people so that they can drive in style. They want to live better than good and this does not speak good for the Government, because even now people still suffering after Hurricane Sandy," one of the twins said.

He further stated; "Jamaica is in shambles both politically and musically because the artistes are not singing about things like these no more. I always knew that they were selfish but this only confirms it. Look how much people come on TV asking for even $70,000 to help themselves and the Government don't even look pan dem. The police need vehicles to do their jobs, the nurses need pay, the teachers need pay but you find it more important to purchase cars to drive better? But the people are to be blamed too because they are sleeping and they need to stop allowing the Government to beat them down."

Twin of Twins are gearing up to release volume 10 of their Stir It Up album on December 23 in Florida, while Flexxx is currently working with Marcus Myrie on new projects and Ninja Man is gearing up to perform at Sting 2012.

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