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November 27, 2012
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'The Revolution' is here

Sherilla Gordon (left) and Dominic McDowell, CEO of D.A.M Good Enterprises. - Contributed

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this is a revolution." (Subcomandante Marcos)

While Subcomandante Marcos may have been sorry for the revolution of his time, Natalya Jackson, Sherilla Gordon and Dominic McDowell of D.A.M Good enterprises, are rather excited about the revolution they are preparing to incite. This 'Revolution' will be live and will be staged on Christmas Day, December 25.

Social media has been buzzing as the promoters of the event have been encouraging the masses to defy the norm and embrace the revolution.

"Defy the norm speaks to the fact that not many people party on Christmas Day, as well as we will be defying the normal party offerings with some of the things made available to us by our exceptional sponsors," explained Dominic McDowell, CEO of D.A.M Good Enterprises.

"Embracing the revolution is exactly as it says, we are encouraging patrons to embrace this revolutionary movement where we will provide offerings which are different from usual events where patrons have got tired of the same things over and over again." McDowell concluded.

Christmas Day is usually a day of merriment and thanksgiving and spending it with family and friends. So after the joys of family dinners, what better to do than party it up with great friends, superb mixes and, yes, food and more food, commented Natalya Jackson.

The trio came together because of the friendship they shared for quite some time, plus Sherilla and Natalya had staged two events earlier this year, namely Chrysalis and 3Some. This is, however, the first time D.A.M Good Enterprises will be officially involved in the staging of an event as, previously, the company was just behind the scenes in its event involvement.

The promoters have promised that the event will be stacked with so many revolutionary features coupled with such amazing admission prices that patrons will definitely have no hesitation in embracing the revolution.

"We don't even want to let the cat out of the bag so early. We have lots in store and, of course, an event of this nature would be incomplete without delectable cuisine and tantalising drink mixes. So keep an eye out for more info to come," Sherilla Gordon concluded.

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