November 27, 2012
Star Features

A teacher with a special touch
“If aspirants to the teaching profession believe that it is all glitz and glamour, they would be surely mistaken. It is hard, dedicated work with unusual hours which cut into your weekends ... . read more
VOYEURISM - Do you like to watch?

As children, we are taught that it is wrong to watch someone in their private moments, as a matter of fact, being a 'Peeping Tom' is against the law in this country....

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Dainty's strange morning

Today's HOT-PICK number meaning: BLIND MAN - 4, 7. Ketch de Rake is designed to help you understand your life experiences that often hold the secret to the numbers you need to play to win the many numbers games in...

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Stay bad fren

Respek to all a mi Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all a mi Mix Up massive. An nuff respek to mi Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up ya inna Obama lan. A jus di blessings.

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