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November 27, 2012
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VOYEURISM - Do you like to watch?

As children, we are taught that it is wrong to watch someone in their private moments, as a matter of fact, being a 'Peeping Tom' is against the law in this country. The good news is, voyeurism is a great way to add some excitement to our sex life.

The fact is, deep down we are all voyeurs. Television is built on that very premise. As a matter of fact, reality TV, pornography, even the news exist just because we like to watch. Now, when it comes to sexuality, the activities are generally viewed as private and, therefore, watching is frowned upon and considered taboo. So the persons who want to watch are forced to do so in corners, and they hide in the dark and deny it if they are ever asked about liking to watch persons get their sexy on.

The Good side of Voyeurism

Even though we are taught that it is wrong, there is a good, fun side to voyeurism. The important thing is that it must be consensual and involve persons who you have that kind of relationship with.

1. Foreplay - Watching your partner doing simple things like undressing can and be excellent method of foreplay. So just stand back, enjoy the show, and then pounce.

2. Keeping in touch - Living in the global community that the world has become, many persons travel overseas for work. While away, putting on a sexy show via webcam can serve to keep your partner tuned in until you return home.

3. Learning your partner - Men are always asking for a better way to please their women. It's simply, watch her masturbate and mirror what she does.

4. Entertainment - Strip clubs, porn and burlesque are great ways for a couple to get some sexy in their time together. Recently, we are seeing the inclusion of live sex on stage at many strip clubs.

5. Adding a spicy element to your naked fun - Some couples' version of a threesome includes one party watching while the other two engage in sexual activities. The person watching is completely content just watching the other two get physical and usually doesn't require any physical contact.

Voyeurism can add an extra dimension to your relationship if you know how to use it. There is a fine line that you must be careful not to cross as it is illegal to just violate someone's privacy. You must always respect the personal space of others, including your partner.


Dear Shelly,

I always thought quickies don't include foreplay but looking on your last column, it seemed I was wrong. Can you explain further?

Kim, Spanish Town

Dear Kim,

Sexual stimulation or foreplay does not always have to be physical. You can be mentally stimulated and, most of the times, that's how a quickie starts. It can be a conversation, a smell or even just animal magnetism that gets you so excited sexually, you have to do something about it right in that moment. There is nothing more exciting than a quickie, so have fun and don't get caught with your pants down.



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