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November 28, 2012
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Vegas to sell Florida home ... where his ex-girlfriend brought new lover

The house in which Mr Vegas' ex-girlfriend was caught having sex with a next man is now being sold because Vegas believes there are too many bad memories attached to the property.

The property, a Florida town house estimated at US $129,000, (J$11,831,880), was the centre of controversy after Vegas' ex-girlfriend brought her new lover into the home, while her child was in the next room.

"The house is for sale. It has too much bad energy, I've not been there since those few days, I can't go back there. I'm trying to stay away from the bad energy, so I'm going to sell it and put the money in an account for my daughter and my other kids," Vegas told THE STAR.

The entertainer emphasised that he was moving forward with his life, and that his number one priority, is to spend time with his daughter.

"I haven't seen my daughter since. I didn't even see her for Thanksgiving, so hopefully, I will get to spend some time with her in Christmas," he said.

In the meantime, Vegas is still focused on promoting his Sweet Jamaica album and recently returned from a tour of Europe.

"The video for Bare Tingz is out, I just premiered it on Saturday and the video for Rise Again will be coming soon. I'm doing a lot of different things, and I am also writing a book, so fans can stay tuned for that," Vegas told THE STAR.

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