November 28, 2012
Star Features

“ Mmm, I recently dweet; and lawks, it was sweet! It lifted my spirits and increased my heartbeat. It even mek mi cry few tears and skin off mi teet. A wha? Heheheh..... read more
Understanding, defending human rights

There is a general lack of knowledge about human rights and their value in allowing us to properly deal with violations and in helping to reduce crime...

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COP'S DRAMA WITH BABYMAMA - Lies force him to seek DNA test

Recently, 28-year-old police officer Craig Jonesescorted the mother of his first child, 21-year-old Michelle Brown, to our office, for THE STAR paternity feature, laying it all on the table in a bid to uncover...

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Itching right hand

Today's hot-pick number meaning: Disaster - 31. Ketch de Rake is designed to help you understand your life experiences that often hold the secret to the numbers you need to play to win the many numbers games in Jamaica...

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