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November 28, 2012
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Mmm, I recently dweet; and lawks, it was sweet! It lifted my spirits and increased my heartbeat. It even mek mi cry few tears and skin off mi teet. A wha? Heheheh.

No, I'm not talking about what-ever just popped into your mind. I'm actually referring to an engaging evening at the theatre. Yes, friends, I spent a very pleasant and inspiring evening at the theatre Sunday gone. And the experience was so entertaining and uplifting, I just have to share it with somebody, anybody or everybody. The evening was doubly delightful for me, as I got to enjoy a brilliantly written old play in a wonderfully new Jamaican theatre.

It was my first official visit as a paying patron to the new Stages Theatre on Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, and I was very impressed with the space. The venue actually houses two cool and fairly comfortable theatre spaces, and trust me, peeps, that is a very welcome addition to the Jamaican entertainment landscape. It's great to have two more theatres in Kingston. We just need some similarly well-equipped spaces in major towns outside the capital - but that's another subject for another rant!

critical scrutiny

I'm a trained theatre practitioner, and very often, when I watch a play I have to make an extra effort to take off my professional hat, avoid too much critical scrutiny, and just relax and enjoy the experience. That was very easy to do during Sunday's visit to the theatre. More than that, the visit renewed my confidence in my chosen area of professional engagement. I watched Sidney Reid's production of the Trevor Rhone classic Old Story Time and I was enthralled and thrilled by some absolutely impressive acting, and brilliant directing.

The committee that is adjudicating the next Actor Boy Awards needs to see this production, because if dem nuh mash up the next ITI theatre awards ceremony, me a go personally block di road! Trust me, as we love to say in Jamaica, di ting shat!

The entire cast did well. Musgrave medallist and veteran 'A' list actress Dorothy Cunningham brought her amazing presence and nuanced delivery. And my good brethren and former comedic co-conspirator Winston 'Bello' Bell was just beyond outstanding as 'Pa Ben'. He was out of this world. Canute Fagan and Michael Forest gave stellar support with strong, solid performances.

It was my first time seeing Patria-Kaye Aarons - who most people know as the lady who does the weather as well as doing some morning-time hosting on CVM TV, and she's good. Her acting was focused and disciplined, and her characterisation and interpretation totally convincing. Keniesha Bowes was just exceptional in her portrayal of the heart-rending Pearl, and absolutely delightful in her performance as the totally opposite Margaret Greaves.

It was good family entertainment. Yes, and that was the other beautiful thing about going to see Old Story Time - the joy I experienced just sitting in a space enjoying a show with people of all ages - in fact, my date for that show was my granddaughter! Well, I hear that the show is scheduled to close this coming weekend, and unnu don't haffi tek my word.

Go for yourself an seet. Go on, nuh, watch it and tell mi if yu nuh agree wid mi dat it sweet!


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