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November 29, 2012
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Fambo says Sting is not for him

Fambo -File

"Sting is a show for artistes with limited talent." These are the words from artiste Fambo.

Fambo confirmed to THE STAR that he will not be performing at the event as he is booked for shows in Africa, and, as far as he is concerned, Sting does nothing for the careers of artistes.

"Sting doesn't do anything for artistes. Is just a hype show, is not an organised show. Some artistes go Sting and lose dem credibility. Sean Paul never do Sting yet and Shaggy never do Sting and dem a some a di biggest artistes. To me, Sting is just a boogie-yagga show," he said.

Crowned 2010's 'Comeback Artiste', Fambo continues to carve a niche for himself in the dancehall arena. With songs such as Swaggin', This Life and Rum and Redbull, which was remixed by international superstar Busta Rhymes, Fambo is still proving himself relevant as one of the few dancehall artistes who emerged in the 1990s.

Currently promoting two singles titled Who Does That and She Calls Me Daddy, Fambo told THE STAR that both songs have been dominating the airways.

"A me produce Who Does That and right now is one a di most popular slangs in Jamaica, everybody a use it! All the baby dem a use it," he said.

overwhelming feedback

Fambo went on to say that the slang was given to him by a friend in New York and since it's release, the feedback has been overwhelming from Africa, Canada and England.

Departing from his usual 'drinking' songs, Fambo is also busy promoting She Calls Me Daddy.

"Is a sexy tune fi di girls dem. Di way how mi treat di girls dem good, is like a me a dem sugar daddy. Worse like how Christmas a come up, di girl dem a call me daddy nuff nuff cause dem want money," he joked.

The video for She Calls Me Daddy was recently released and has already amassed a substantial amount of views on youtube.

In the meantime, Fambo says fans can look out for his new song with Beenie Man titled Let's Make a Toast.

"Dem can always look out fi good music from Fambo. Music wid a sense of humour and good vibes. Mi nuh do gun song or songs wey promote violence or degrade women. Fambo is always about good music," he told THE STAR.

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