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November 29, 2012
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Dutty bad mind fake fren

Bragadap brap brap brap!!! Wa a gwaan peeps?? Unu good?? Mi deh ya same way a give tanks fi every day weh mi get. A hope unu a give tanks fi di same.

Propa spec to all Tambareen Fambily linky-linky an all Mix Up massive. And as always, bless to all Ragashanti in di Mawnin listeners up inna Obama Lan an all ova di worl. Mek wi move to di mix-up one-pop.

Dutty Bad Mind Fake Fren

A yute up ya inna Obama Lan have a bredren weh him an him a par fram basic school a Jamaica. Yeah, dem a bredren fram dem couldn't even chat good. Dem grow togeda an eventually di two a dem end up a farin togeda.

Di two a dem tun big man an a gwaan wid bare tings togeda as bredrin. One night, inna 1998, dem jump eena one a dem old Honda car an di two a dem drap eena a dance. Di one weh own di old Honda car see a girl weh him tink look good an tell him bredrin say him fi goh gi di girl a talk. But him bredrin say him coulda neva talk to a "bleach out pap dung gyal like dat." Him basically mek him bredrin know him wouldn't even gi har a second look. Him bredrin say him disagree wid weh him say bout har an decide say him a goh gi har a talk anyway. Him goh ova deh an introduce himself to di girl an bus a reasoning. Eventually, him an di girl exchange numbas an decide fi link again.

Wen dem a leave di dance dem see di girl a goh eena har car wid har fren dem an notice say she a blaze a criss-criss BMW. Di fren weh say him nuh like har face kinda straighten up likkle bit wen him see di car.

Eventually, di girl an di one weh did exchange numba wid har start deal right out. An fi di time him an har a deal, him bredrin still a done har. But di yute still deal wid har and eventually di two a dem decide fi get married. Wen him a get married di yute ask him same lifelong best fren fi be di bestman even though him still nuh like har. Him fren accept di invitation and was di best man at a successful wedding.

Afta di wedding him an him new wife have a nice likkle dawta, an den dem get a ends an staat mek life good-good. Wen tings a gwaan good di yute best fren still neva like him wife an all pass remarks say "what a way yuh a live di American dream wid yuh ugly wife." Di yute nuh watch dat, him jus gwaan juggle wid him wife same way.

One day, di yute wife say to him "who yuh tink a yuh fren is not yuh fren." Him ask har weh she a talk bout? She tell him yuh wi see.

One day, him deh home wid him wife an him bredrin call him. Him wife notice an tell him fi tell him bredrin say him deh pon di road. Him do as she say. As him come offa fi him phone him notice him wife phone ring. She ansa an put har phone pon speaker. A him bredrin dat him hear a ask him wife "weh di eediat bwoy deh?" Di wife say she nuh know. Him den ask di wife if him can come ova? Di wife say yes. Den him tell har say him nuh waan come ova unless she a goh dash out di sort out. She say awright den. Him say mek sure enuh, cause him really nuh waa touch di ends if she naa dash out. She say yes man, come.

Di yute say him shock so till. Him an him wife arrange fi him hide inna dem dawta room (di dawta neva de deh). Di bredrin fahwud an two twos di man tek off him clothes an ready fi fling up wine unda him bredrin wife.

Him bredrin walk outa di room an see him fren fram pickney days stan up deh stark naked wid a helleva strength well ready fi give it to him wife. Wen him fren see him, clothes put on back quick an man run outa di house like tief!! LoL! Afta dat dem nuh link again.

But one day di husband see him same so-called bredrin again an gi him a hail, cause a still him link weh him know fram pickney days. Yuh know say di bwoy staat frownze an a gwaan a way like him waan bring almshouse to di husband.

All now di husband cyaan believe say a man weh him an him a come fram soh far coulda do dat to him. But a soh di ting set, bad mind can come fram anybody, at any time. Cause look deh, him bredrin neva like a bone inna di catty, but end up waan jump up inna har belly, jus because him best fren a live a happy an successful life wid har. In other words, in order fi sabotage di happiness of him best fren, di bad mind germs woulda rather put him self inna a situation weh him absolutely hate.

Some people a yuh fren ONLY as long as dem nuh tink yuh a do betta dan dem.

Soh unu be careful out there.

Bless up unu mix up self.

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