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November 29, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


Women should rule men

Dear Pastor,

I believe that a woman should rule a man in the house when the man gets irresponsible. Some men just run around with other women, drink out their money with other friends and do not bring home anything for their wives and children. A man like that needs a very strong woman to stand up and push him and help him to change. And if he doesn't decide to change, the woman should not prepare anything for him to eat or lock him out of the house. I believe that the woman and the man should play their role fairly and contribute to the keeping of the house and should not physical abuse each other.


Dear L.,

When a couple respect each other, they can disagree without abusing each other. Respect and communication go hand in hand. If a woman respects her husband, she does not have to take over. And if a man respects his wife, he makes her feel comfortable and they both provide and support each other. Only foolish men squander their money. Wise men support their homes and keep their woman happy.


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