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November 30, 2012
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Curbing loud music in towns

A visitor to the island expressed surprise at the loud music blaring from businessplaces in the various towns in Jamaica.

Questions were raised why by the visitor as to the police tolerate such loud music, which clearly indicates that owners of businessplaces do not have any respect or regard for shoppers.

"Why would someone want to shop in such noise and confusion, when there is a law which prohibits loud noise.," the visitor asked.

He said sometime last month he went downtown with some friends and was shocked to hear loud music being played on almost every street.

"Why can't the people obey the law? I wondered to myself why the police don't take action against these people.

"I was surprised by the answer one of my friends gave and I said to myself, 'this country will never improve under such conditions'.

loud music in stores

"According to my friend, there are stores at which several policemen have part-time jobs, therefore, they are not going to go against the operators of such businesses. "My response to him was 'well, that is the very reason the law should be pointed out to the owners so that the police are not criticised for not, doing their job'. I really don't understand the reasoning behind this loud music and I am still asking why do I, or any other shopper, have to face the loud music in some stores when I go to shop?"

"This country has so many issues and I am also upset with the windshield wipers who throw water from their bottles on motorists' windshield when they refuse to allow them to wipe.

"I wonder if they should not be classified as being real nuisances to motorists. Why can't the member of parliament for their area find a trade centre where they could go to learn a skill. I am told these young boys are out on the streets hustling from morning to night. I am sure, very soon, the girls will join them.

The visitor said despite the very annoying situations he encountered, he found Jamaicans to be warm and courteous.

"I do hope the police will do their job in curbing the loud music in the towns," he said.

There are some people, including some policemen, who are of the view that the Noise Abatement Act only applies to loud music at nights. However, the law clearly states that loud music should not be tolerated at no time, day nor night. A copy of the Act should be exhibited at all police stations.

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