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November 30, 2012
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Hot ride! - Teen's remodelled bicycle catches attention
Rasbert Turner, Star Writer

Ramone McGhie's remodelled bicycle along Gillette Street in Linstead, St Catherine on Monday. - Rasbert Turner

Former McGrath High School student Ramone McGhie has had many eyes turning on his remodelled bicycle which is adorned with a car steering, stereo and other eye-catching gadgets.

''It was while going to school that I had this idea in my mind and, after graduating, I bought a bicycle and decided that I can now put my mind to the test and make it stand out,'' McGhie said.

McGhie, who is a resident of Mickleton Meadows, said the bicycle was his mode of transport throughout the Linstead area, and travelling has become more pleasant now that he can listen to the latest music and even radio.

''If you observe, I have connected a wire to the cellular phone and extended it to the speaker box under the elevated seat of the cycle. So,while having a more comfortable ride, I can enjoy myself,'' McGhie said.

Other persons gave the thumbs up to the work of the teenager who they said is putting his energy to something positive.

''It is a reflection that there are still positive-thinking youth around who are also very talented. I think that this young man can do more, if given the chance,'' Shauna Downer, a resident, said.

The steering was taken from a Mazda motor car and replaced the normal handlebar that the cycle was equipped with.

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