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November 30, 2012
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'I'm no cheater!' Cop willing to do polygraph to quiet his woman

THE WEEKEND STAR is giving away one free lie-detector test each month to one deserving person. To win the test, share your story with us in an effort to prove your innocence or to show that someone else is lying. Here is the story of one reader who is being accused of cheating.

Allison and her common-law husband of 11 years,Bruce, are currently experiencing a breakdown in their relationship, as she constantly accuses him of being unfaithful, despite his denial.

The relationship is now constantly marred by arguments and disagreements which has sent the union into a nosedive.

Bruce told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has become exasperated with the perpetual accusations by his spouse and is willing to subject himself to a lie-detector test to prove to her that he is faithful.

Allison claimed that, "We've been having some problem concerning him having other females and he has denied it, so I want him to prove to me that he hasn't cheated on me."

She explained that her suspicion has resulted from his questionable behaviour displayed after receiving frequent calls and texts from females.

"Sometimes, him would cut off the call or other times, him speak in parables," Allison said.

When quizzed if Bruce is known to have lots of women, Allison responded, "I don't know him as a gallis but I would say he flirts."

She admitted that she had developed a piece of mind after Bruce moved his three other children into the house to live with their four children.

She said she viewed that move as confirmation that he had ended his relationship with his previous girlfriend. Now she is convinced that he is involved with someone else.

As our news team interviewed Allison over the phone, Bruce could be overheard in the background voicing his disapproval of her distrust and later took the phone to give his side of the story.

"Mi naw talk with water inna my mouth, mi positive mi no have no other woman," Bruce expressed.

He explained that he is a police officer so his job requires him to operate discreetly at times but his discretion has been mistaken for cheating by Allison.

"If she call me and she no hear the police radio, she no believe seh a work mi deh. She a seh a mi woman yard mi gone. The type of work mi do, mi have problem a watch criminal a road so mi cyaah fi a come home fi watch mi woman to," Bruce said.

He continued, "Me know personally that mi never cheat pon her. She make her fren dem a tell her foolishness. Dem a call my name to her and dem no have no proof."

"Whether me do a lie-detector test or not, mi know positive that me don't have a woman out there," Bruce said.

Names changed

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