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November 30, 2012
Star Tell Me Pastor


15 and packing

Dear Pastor,

I am a 15-year-old boy. From I was very small, people used to ask my mother how I have such a big penis for my age. My penis is much larger than the average size. When I went to the river and we were bathing as boys, the guys used to say that I have the biggest penis they have ever seen. We joked about it but as I get older, it has become very large and I am embarrassed by it. Sometimes I try to wear tight briefs and big pants so that no one can see the big buff that I am carrying.

My mother told me that I should not make my big size bother me. She asked me if I knew why people in the district call my father, "Mr Bigs." I told her no and she told me that I should not let him know that she told me why. She said my father has a very large penis and he had many girlfriends and all the girls used to say that he has the biggest penis in the district. So the women started to call him Mr Bigs and the name stuck with him. My father was very proud of the name. So with a father like mine, I can't have a small penis.

they keep looking down

Sometimes when I am talking to girls, they keep looking down. Right now my penis is almost 8 inches. My mother told me that if I want, she would take me to the doctor but the doctor wouldn't tell me more than what she can tell me. She said that when I get older and it is time for sex, my wife would manage me very well. Pastor, please give me your advice.


Dear A.K.,

I am glad that your mother and yourself have a good relationship, and both of you are able to discuss your concerns. That is how it ought to be between parents and children. However, I would ask you to have a little chat with your father and ask him how he was able to cope when he was growing up and express your concerns to him. Expect him to have a big laugh. Don't be annoyed if he finds it amusing. He would be able to tell you how to dress so that it would not be obvious that you are carrying a large penis.

Please understand that nothing is wrong with you. When you become an adult, you would learn that there are some women who believe that a man's greatest asset is having a large penis. That is why some women say, "the bigger the better."

I know you love and respect your mother. She has lived with your father for many years. And she has told you that everything is going to be all right, so believe her. You are conscious of the size penis you are carrying, and that is why you feel that the girls are always looking at you in that area. However, I want to assure you that most women, the first place they look at on a man is his front.


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